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We have several years of experience with 3D FDM printing. Not every 3D model can be printed. We are able to create your models in the way suitable for printing. We will prepare 3D print files for you and print your 3D model.

advantages of 3d printing manufacturing

  • We will design a 3D model based on your layout, description, or 2D CAD files.
  • We have experience with 3D printing. If you want, we will design your objects  in a way suitable for 3D printing.
  • We are able to 3D print your 3D models by FDM technology using PLA, ABS, or PET.
  • We are also able to process photorealistic visualizations for you.
  • We have knowledge of parametric design. Take advantage of generation. Changing the input parameters creates a whole series of results.



We design and print your objects. 3D modeling and 3D printing shifts manufacturability limits. Almost anything can be made. Verify your prototype before final production.


Print your architectural model. Physical models make explaining your designt to the client easier. 3D printing allows you to materialize ideas otherwise difficult to produce.


It is necessary to verify the dimensions and functionality of the design prior to starting large-scale production. 3D model and 3D print the prototypes!


We will 3D model customized items and other specific fashion accessories. 3D printed product will be absolutely unique.


We will create tags, keychains, personalized small items for you. You can also 3D print from multiple colors. Thanks to 3D we are not limited by the minimum number of pieces. The order can start from 1 piece.


Do you have a product, but you do not want to invest in injection molding? Try 3D printing. We will produce a 3D model for you and print it out.


Do you have your own project and want to help with its implementation? Do not hesitate to contact us! We've probably been working on a similar project, and we can help and inspire you.


3D printing can also be used on mechanical components. Each component can be unique. Each sprocket may have a different dimension. We will create 3D models for you according to your specifications and 3D printing possibilities.


Are you renovating an old object and can not get a replacement? It does not matter! We will make a 3D model and print it. 3D prints can be grinded, puttied, paint-sprayed or polished.


TOYS There are thousands of free 3D models of toys. Print one of those! Or design you own one. We will help you! Prototype it and manufacture it. Make personalized ones just in few especimen.

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Prices for 3D modeling and design are calculated individually. They are based on the time-consuming nature of the project. The standard rate is around € 20 / $ 23 / hour.

data preparation

The 3D print price can be determined from the generated print file. The price is based on the printing period (approx. € 3 / $ 3,5 / h) and the weight of the material used (€ 20 / $ 25 / kg)

3d printing

The cost of visualization depends on the complexity of the scene, the frequency of materials, the creation of new materials, the resolution of the output, the number of visualizations made from one scene. The price will be determined in a framework, derived from the standard rate of € 20 / $ 23 / hour.


Parametric design is very specific. New features are usually developed and new rules are being invented. Those need to be verified. It is very difficult to set prices in advance. That is why the price will be solved at an hourly rate of € 25 / $ 28 / hour.


Basic consultation of your projects is free of charge. For regular cooperation on more complex projects, the price is set by agreement.