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We are modeling in the program Rhinoceros – which works on the principle of curves and curves surfaces (NURBs). This environment allows accurate 3D drawing. The output can be even a 2D CAD drawing export.


We have several years of experience with 3D FDM printing. Not every 3D model can be printed. We are able to create your models in the way suitable for printing. We will prepare 3D print files for you and print your 3D model.


Do you need to present your model to the client? We will realistically visualize your product. We also offer 3D animation. Visualization is ideal for explaining your project.


Do you need a shape that would vary based on input variables? We will create a function for you to generate geometry from the domain of the entered numbers.


Do you need advice on 3D modeling? 3D graphics, 3D rendering, 3D printing, visualizations, animations? Do not hesitate to contact us! Together we find the best solution!

complete solution for architects

  • We will design a 3D model based on your layout, description, or 2D CAD files.
  • We have experience with 3D printing. If you want, we will design your objects  in a way suitable for 3D printing.
  • We are able to 3D print your 3D models by FDM technology using PLA, ABS, or PET.
  • We are also able to process photorealistic visualizations for you.
  • We have knowledge of parametric design. Take advantage of generation. Changing the input parameters creates a whole series of results.